Custodian REIT aims to be the Real Estate Investment Trust of choice for private and institutional investors seeking high and stable dividends from well-diversified UK real estate.

Custodian REIT plc was launched as a main-market-listed, property investment company on the London Stock Exchange on 26 March 2014. The company was established with a seed portfolio of £95m and successful IPO, raising further 55m. Subsequent placings and considerable investment into UK regional real estate has seen the company grow to its current market capitalisation.

The £95m seed portfolio was sourced from an existing portfolio of 48 properties, held by clients of Mattioli Woods and managed by Custodian Capital for the previous 12 years.

Custodian Capital Limited is a subsidiary of Mattioli Woods plc. Custodian Capital is a property investment and management business, authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Their core business is acting as fund manager to Custodian REIT plc.


Custodian REIT’s policy is to invest in high-quality
properties of £2-10 million


Long-term, secure income with a target distribution of
6.35% based off the share price at IPO


Covering assets from retail to office, industrial and
distribution, and a range of alternative sectors.


Custodian REIT’s’s mission is to provide shareholders with an attractive level of income, together with the potential for capital growth from investing in a diversified portfolio of commercial real estate properties in the UK.

The target portfolio will be a UK, commercial property portfolio, principally characterised by small lot sizes with individual property values of less than £10 million at acquisition.


Custodian REIT aims to identify value in the UK commercial property market by targeting properties outside London priced at less than £10m, and where there is less price competition. We look to maintain a diverse tenant, region and sector mix, with properties of a high residual value and low obsolescence.


We value a quality, diverse, and regional portfolio based on an income-focused strategy. We secure against a broad range of robust tenants, minimising cash drag.

We strive to focus on areas with high residual values, strong local economies, and an imbalance between supply and demand.

The diverse portfolio consists of properties let to institutional grade tenants on long leases throughout the UK.

Unlike most property funds, Custodian REIT’s policy is to invest in properties between £2 million – £10 million.

Our objective is to provide long-term, secure income with an attractive target dividend and long-term NAV growth.

For more information regarding the Company, please download the Custodian REIT Factheet.